A few upcoming events & appearances

A roundup of some interesting events I'll be participating in over the next few months:

"Critical and Emerging Issues in Blockchain Law" Osgoode Professional Development Course, on March 20 in Toronto (link). I'll be presenting & joining a panel discussion on smart legal contracts.

"Landscape View: Applications & Considerations of Blockchain across Industries" hosted by the IEE Standards Association on April 24 in Mountain View, CA. I'll be giving a talk titled "Blockchains and Law: Questions of Application & Questions of Transformation".

IT.CANN Technology Law Spring Forum on May 18th in Toronto (link). I'll be joining a panel with Addison Cameron-Huff and Wendy Gross on Technology, Business Process Innovation and the New Contracts process.

Expert workshop on the "Governing risks and benefits in applications of distributed ledger technologies" on June 15-16, hosted by the International Risk Governance Center (IRGC) at EPFL.

Been busy with non-public facing work for a while. Another post on securities law soon!

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